Frequently Asked Questions

How do we arrange a viewing?

It’s very easy, either email us with a list of houses you would like to see or give us a call, all the information you need is on our contact page.

We have seen a house we love and want to take it, what happens next?

Again call or email us and we can run through everything with you and send you a draft tenancy agreement for you and your friends to look over. Once you are happy and fully understand what you are agreeing to, we ask for a £100 non-refundable reservation fee to be paid when you sign the tenancy agreement, this reserves the property for you. This reservation fee is then credited towards your holding deposit and once you move in to your tenancy deposit.

Are there any agency fees?

No, we do not charge any agency fees, all money paid to us is returned as part of the tenancy deposit at the end of your tenancy with us (subject to the terms of your Tenancy agreement).

How do we pay our deposit?

The easiest way is to make a bank transfer to our account using your online banking.  If you prefer you can pay by cheque or cash at the office. Bank transfer is preferred.

What happens if we change our mind?

We ask that you make sure you are fully committed before you pay any money, if you change your mind the holding deposit (including the reservation fee) is non-refundable.

If one person in the group changes their mind, we ask that you try and find a replacement, we can help you to do this in most cases.

What happens once we have paid a deposit?

So you’re happy with the tenancy agreement and everyone in the group has confirmed they want to take the house.  We arrange to meet up at our office or at your halls/current house to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have, sign the paperwork and pay the reservation fee. We bring the tenancy agreement, including a breakdown of what rent and bills option you have agreed to, guarantor forms, a payment schedule showing you when and what payments need making. At this stage we also ask you to sign a holding deposit form that commits you to taking the house, if you were to change your mind after signing this you would lose any holding deposits/reservation fees paid up to that point.

Do we pay half rent over the summer?

Yes, it’s our company policy that we only ask our student tenants to pay half rent over July and August.  We often take the opportunity to upgrade our properties over the summer so it’s no problem you living there but we may need to come in to do work.

Following signup we have promised you that we will do work or add extras to your house, how can we be sure that it will be done?

We email you full confirmation of anything agreed before you sign for the house, it will also be written into the contract exactly what we will do and when it will be completed by.

What is a guarantor?

It is normally a parent but can be a relative or guardian. As your income can be limited we ask that all student tenants have a guarantor instead of a credit check. Their purpose is that in the event that you do not pay your rent, the guarantor agrees to pay the rent on your behalf as set out in the tenancy agreement. We rarely need to ask guarantors to pay the rent, it is only if you fail to do so.

How is the rental figure calculated?

Your rental figure is multiplied by 52 weeks of the year and we divide this figure by 12 months. With July and August being half rent you only pay 11 monthly amounts over the course of the tenancy.

For Example: Advertised price is £75 per person per week.

£ 75 x 52 = £ 3900

£ 3900 / 12 = £ 325 pppm (only 11 payments will be made)

Can we have a bills inclusive package?

All of our student properties have bills  inclusive rents. This includes gas*, electricity*, fibre broadband with wifi, water, TV Licence and Contents Insurance. *subject to a fair usage policy, detailed below.

Do we have a fair usage policy on the bills?

Yes, otherwise a house could potentially have the heating, and everything electrical on full for 24/7 for a whole year and we wouldn’t be able to afford to offer bills inclusive packages! In the three years we have offered bills inclusive packages none of our tenant’s usage has exceeded the amounts set out in our fair usage policy. We monitor the usage over the entire year and if we notice any abnormal or high usage we will notify you in advance of you reaching the prescribed limits.

What happens if we exceed the fair usage policy on the bills?

The details are set out in your tenancy agreement, however any excess usage will be billed to each tenant and deducted from their tenancy deposit at the end of the tenancy. At no point will your utilities be cut off!

Do we have an inventory?

Yes, at the start of a tenancy we will give you a written inventory and lots of photos showing the condition of everything in the house.  We give you the opportunity to add to this in writing and by taking pictures.  If you find anything damaged or broken, we will repair or replace – quickly!

Where is the deposit registered?

By law we have to register your deposit with a deposit protection scheme, there are several schemes for doing this, we use the MyDeposits government backed insurance scheme.

When do deposits get returned?

At the end of the tenancy when everyone has moved out and we have checked the condition the house has been left in against your move in inventory. Your deposit is normally returned 14 days after agreement regarding any deductions has been reached. We agree any damages or deductions with you prior to making the transfer.

Do we need insurance?

If you’re living on one of our professional properties then yes, we recommend that you take out your own personal contents insurance, our tenancy agreement also requires that you do this.  We insure the building itself and are only responsible for our own contents in the house.

If you’re living in one of our student houses (3-bedrooms or larger) then Contents Insurance is included with your bills included package, the details for which can be found on our Tenant Info page. If you want to upgrade your cover (for particularly valuable objects such as jewellery, musical instruments or bikes), you will need to contact Endsleigh directly.

What happens if something breaks in the house or needs repairing?

The most effective way to report any damages or required repairs is via email. You can also call the office on 0161 434 7433 during office hours and in the event of an emergency our mobile numbers.

Who do we contact for administration or rental queries?

You can email, call the office or the mobile of any of the team.

Is there anything else we need to do?

Yes. Relax, you are in safe hands, we really want to make sure you have a good experience with us in your new home. We want to make sure the house is in excellent order, everything works, your comments or requests have been dealt with and you are happy in the property.

If you are happy, we are happy!

What fees to Floorspace charge?

Floorspace only sets certain charges in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019. These charges are set out clearly in the any tenancy agreement signed and agreed prior to a tenancy starting.


The Floorspace Team